Vishnu Vishal and RJ Balaji have nasty fight on social media. But it ends well

RJ Balaji and Vishnu Vishal

RJ Balaji and Vishnu Vishal

RJ Balaji is upbeat about his forthcoming flick, LKG, which is all set to release worldwide on February 22. The political satire, written by Balaji, is directed by KR Prabhu. The team of LKG, including heroine Priya Anand, is busy with the promotions of the film.

Early today, it was reported that a theatre in Chennai is holding the special 5 AM show of RJ Balaji’s LKG. In Tamil Nadu, the early morning shows are considered special and are usually allocated to the films of top heroes namely, Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Ajith, Vijay, Simbu, Dhanush, Vikram and Nayanthara.

Condemning the early morning show being allocated to RJ Balaji’s LKG, Vishnu Vishal put out a sly tweet saying, “5 AM shows lost its value. It has become a gimmick now (sic)”

RJ Balaji retaliated saying that he had cross-checked with the theatre owner whether they’re screening LKG on their own or not. He shared a Whatsapp conversation where the theatre owner confessed that they’re allocating 5 AM show for LKG based on the hype and not on anyone’s recommendation.

He wrote, “Even I thought this 5am show for LKG is a gimmick, apuram theatre owner kitta direct ah kettu confirm pannikittane… We didn’t get a recommendation seat but a MERIT seat! Now put this to rest and rest well. #RespectOthersWorkYoullGetUrs (sic)”

Vishnu Vishal then attacked Balaji and asked him to respect everyone. He wrote, “First learn to respect ppl around u..i dunno if u rembr wat u did before doin movies n how much u respctd actors bak then:) learn to giv credit to evryones hard work n, not just gettin my happy im not using people’s sentiments time n again to get success:)#rspctall (sic)”

Their tweets went viral in no time and many pointed out that it is not a healthy trend for stars to fight on social media.

RJ Balaji then decided to call Vishnu Vishal to put an end to this Twitter war. He wrote, “Spoke to Vishu Vishal. What happened in the morning was impulsive from both sides. We sorted out the difference of opinion. I wish him nothing but the best. #Peaceout (sic)”


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