MG Motor India To Launch Its First Electric SUV In Phased Manner

We already have told you that MG Motor will launch an all-electric SUV in India and according to the latest news reports the company is planning to launch the upcoming electric SUV in select cities to begin with. “We will be launching the pure electric SUV in the fourth quarter (October-December) this year. It will be launched in some select cities across the country,” said Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India to the reporters.

The company will be launching two models in India- starting with the Hector SUV and then a fully electric SUV, over the next nine months and has plans to launch one model in India every year. The company further shared that its electric vehicles in the country would have over-the-air (OTA) technology and would go over 250 km in a single charge. However, he refrained to comment on the selected locations.

OTA technology is still an alien concept in India and MG Motor will be the first to have it in their models. OTA technology allows the auto maker to update its operating system in the vehicle helping refresh the content including entertainment features. OTA is a standard for the transmission and reception of application-related information in a wireless communication system.


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