Great Indoor Activities to Try No Matter What the Weather Holds

As seasons change and the weather looks uninviting, you don’t have to let that unpredictability keep you from trying new things. Grab a friend or two and head out for one of these indoor activities.

1. Rock Climbing

Flex your muscles while building confidence and working on concentration at an indoor rock climbing gym. If the idea of a harness doesn’t appeal to you, try a bouldering facility instead.

2. Target Practice

Head to an indoor pistol range, rent a few gen5 Glock pistols, and practice your marksmanship. Make sure to get a safety orientation first if you are unfamiliar with firearms, and ask the pro staff if you aren’t sure about anything.

3. Factory Tours

Check out how things are made by touring a local manufacturing facility. Some things you can explore include kazoos, sleds, or even automobiles.

4. Retro Roller Skating

Turn back the clock and head out to a roller skating rink for some good, clean retro fun and a great workout.

5. Indoor Karting

If skating isn’t quite up to your speed, try an indoor go-kart track instead. Zoom around a track at speeds up to 40 mph while you race friends to the finish line.

6. Art Museum

Maybe you prefer a more subtle, cultured experience. In that case, head out to a local museum and get lost in the artwork.

7. Food Tours

Food tours let you taste fresh foods and delicacies right where they are made. You can choose a themed tour or simply stop by a local chocolate factory or coffee roaster for a quick educational and delicious visit.

8. Ice Skating

No matter the weather outside, indoor ice skating can be found somewhere. It is a great way to cool off on a sweltering summer day or to get in some seasonal exercise around the winter holidays.

Don’t let mother nature dictate your activities. Having a list of fun, educational, or tasty things to do will ensure you aren’t going to spend this weekend binge-watching last season’s television shows.