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Camping can be a great outdoor activity for the whole family, but after a long day of hiking and sweating, you might all start to smell like the woods. If you were spending a week in the woods for a family reunion, then you could consider renting a mobile shower units. If it’s just you and your friends or kids, though, you probably don’t need such a complex solution.

What to Pack

Camping hygiene comes down to what you bring for the occasion. You might not need a new shirt or pants for each day your in the woods, but make sure to pack plenty of underwear and socks. The areas these things cover tend to sweat more than the rest of your body, which can cause chafing or grow bacteria if you continue re-wearing them.

Don’t forget pajamas! It might seem silly to bring pajamas on your wilderness trek, but having a clean pair to wear each night can keep your sleeping bag or tent from getting dirty. This means you will always have a clean place to rest and don’t have to worry about laundering your equipment in the river.

Keeping Camp Clean

In addition to keeping yourself clean, you also want to make sure your campsite remains a safe place to rest and cook food. This is why you should never leave home without a camping shovel. When you use the bathroom in the woods you should dig a hole about six inches deep for your waste. This keeps contamination away from your site. It also protects wildlife from possibly ingesting your waste and becoming sick.

You should also make sure to keep your trash far away from your camp. This tactic is to ensure no bugs or dangerous wildlife invade your camp and threaten your safety.