Best gadgets of 2018: From Google Home to Samsung Galaxy S9+ top devices of the year

Forget about a year, technology changes drastically every minute and certainly for good. Unlike previous years, the trend for 2018 was not just focused on mobile phones but on various gadgets that made their debut and took the market by storm. All these gadgets impressed us with their top-notch features and sheer power. Watches got smarter, notebooks more powerful, audio clearer and cameras more software driven.

Listed here are some gadgets that were launched in 2018 and totally swooned us:

While we were still not over the iPad Pro, Apple brought to us the standard 9.7-inch iPad, which unanimously emerged as the best choice. The design and body of the gadget remains timeless, the high-resolution is unbeatable, and the software and myriad apps are just oh-wow. No other platform can be at par when it comes to apps designed solely for tablets. The 2018 edition of the iPad supports Apple Pencil, adding on to the key features at a fraction of the price.

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